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Dog Toothbrush Chew Toy Dental Oral Care Brush Stick Natural Rubber Pet
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Material:Natural Rubber
Weight:90 g
Size:5?L x 1.6?W x5?H inches


This dog toothbrush can effectively clean dog's teeth, reduce the possibility of the abrasion of their teeth and keep their dental health.
The dog toothbrush can works as a chew toy, dog can chew it for fun and at the same time, the stick will clean their teeth. Your pet will not refuse tooth brush anymore!


- Using environmentally friendly food grade bite-resistant material, it won't be easily bitten by dogs, and the service life will be longer.
- 3D groove design and two floss grooves and high-density bumps,can surround the dog's mouth, clean the stubborn bacteria on the dog's teeth, stains, let the dog brush their teeth, saving your time to brushing your dog.
- With toothpaste trough design,you can put pet toothpaste in the small hole at the top, let your dog chew 3 to 5 minutes.automatically dispense toothpaste and clean the dog's teeth to keep fresh. - The soft and easy-to-clean material can be cleaned in water or under the dishwasher.

How to use?
1. Squeeze pet toothpaste into the hole on the top
2. Let your puppy dogs to chew or play with the toothbrush under your supervision,3 to 5 minutes each time
3. The rubber material is easy to clean,you can use the small clean brush to clean it after use

1. Chew toy has a certain life span. During the process of brushing your teeth, we suggest you can supervise the use and control the time.
2. If he/she refuses to chew, maybe you can stuff a food around or inside the toothbrush to encourage your dog to chew.
3. We suggest that you clean the dog toothbrush before and after dog chewing, keeping the surface dry and convenient for next use.

Package Content:
1 x Toothbrush sticks

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